Discuss the history of Aromatherapy

Discuss the history of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an amalgamation of both art and science. It is said to be a comprehensive treatment that heals the skin, by making use of natural volatile plant oils, that includes different variety of essential oils. It promotes psychological and physical well-being and contributes in improving the health of the body, mind, and spirit with the goodness of therapeutic plant extract.

But little is known about the history of aromatherapy. Although the history and story behind its origin is quite fascinating. To start with, the term aromatherapy was not used until the 20th century. It was first originated in the year 1937 when French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse invented the word after a burn incident that happened to him. The incident magnified his curiosity about the healing power of essential oils. In the very beginning era, the use of aromatic oils and plant extracts were considered very auspicious for the body and mind.

The roots of essential oils date back to the Chinese culture, where aromatic plants were first used for the well-being of the body. They used to burn the incense to help create harmony and balance among the community. Also, Chinese physicians used Sandalwood oil to treat cholera. One of the earliest records named the ‘Yellow Emperors Book of Internal Medicine’ dates back for more than thousands of years also talks about the importance of aromatherapy.

Soon after, the Egyptians curated an exclusive distillation machine that helped to extract crude from cedarwood oil. They used a diverse range of oil from clove, cinnamon to nutmeg and myrrh as these were used to mummify the dead. These aromatic oils were not just used for medicinal and spiritual purposes but also for cosmetic use.

When it comes to Greeks history, apparently they have given credits to “Hippocrates” commonly called the “Father of Medicine”. It is stated in Greek mythology that he practiced fumigations for both aromatic and medicinal benefits. They have recommended daily practice of massaging chamomile oil to have effective results in reducing fever.

When it comes to India and its long history of Ayurvedic medicinal benefits, all around the globe people are aware of it. Past history shows how the usage of aromatic plants has helped people. Thousands of books have mentioned the benefits of aromatherapy. Like sandalwood oil was used to heal wounds at the times of war and riots.

While understanding the long history of aromatherapy from every corner of the world, it is assured that it has numerous amount of medicinal benefits. It is useful for all kinds of skin and body types from all around the globe. The only important factor is to use pure and organic essential oils for the therapy. You can purchase organic oils from Indulgeo essentials. We are shipping all the products worldwide now!

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