Tame your brows the right way!

Tame your brows the right way!

Brows are the most important aspect of your face, no matter when wearing makeup or bare face. With the current trend of ‘feathered brows’ and tamed brows, brow soap is the best hack to get the desired look. While pumping your brows with the nutrition they also ensure to up your brow game. They prevent breakage and boost the health and growth of your arches, making them look naturally fuller and shaped.

It is of utmost importance to use brow soaps that are specially made for the purpose of styling brows. This can not be achieved with your everyday soap because of an array of reasons. Normal soaps are ‘wash off products’ and brow soap is a ‘leave on product’. Brow soap is a registered product with cosmetic purposes unlike normal soaps which need to be washed off after application. The main purpose of a normal soap is to wash off dirt and bacteria, unlike brow soap which is meant to be worn on your skin and doesn’t cause any harm if worn for a prolonged period of time. It is also safe for brow soap to be applied around the eye area, which is particularly more sensitive than the rest of the body. The cleansing action of the normal soap also make it strip off prime natural oils from your skin, unlike brow soap which is formulated with natural ingredients to strengthen brow hair and nourish the follicles while moisturizing your skin.

Normal clear soaps usually contain foaming agents and abrasives which work by creating foam and lather to remove bacteria and dirt. Brow soap is a clear product and doesn’t lather, hence it is gentle on the skin and safe to use. The packaging of brow soap is also created in a way which makes it easy to use and hassle free, unlike normal soap bars which usually have a plastic/ paper wrapping preventing it to be reused. Brow soap comes in a lightweight tin which is also reusable, making it environment friendly with no usage of plastic and also convenient to carry around and use.

Keeping these important facts in mind is very crucial when deciding what to put on your skin to prevent any long-term and short term harm to your skin. Get the brows of your dreams with a product that is created while keeping in mind all safety concerns and also all glam concerns! This easy to use product is an everyday essential to get perfectly groomed brows.

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