How to Properly Groom your Eyebrows at Home

How to Properly Groom your Eyebrows at Home

Date: November 28, 2022 | indulgeo

As a result of the recent developments, we are all now our own nail technicians, aestheticians, and hair stylists in our living rooms. No matter how much of a beauty virtuoso you are, maintaining the shape of your eyebrows is one of the most challenging things to do on your own in these difficult DIY times. We consulted some of our favorite makeup artists (virtually, of course) to give you tips on plucking, shaping, and defining your brows to perfection to help you achieve the shapeliest, most face-flattering results.

Tweeze after you shower 

Although everyone is aware that tweezing your brows can be a real pain in the butt, there is a way to significantly lessen the discomfort. Grab your preferred pair of tweezers and pluck your eyebrows after a hot shower. The hair can be pulled out much more easily because the warm water helps to open up the hair follicles. To lessen pain and inflammation, take ibuprofen or Advil about 30 minutes beforehand.

Align your brows with your face shape 

Before you remove the arches from your brows, there are a few guidelines you should be aware of. The start, end, and arch of your eyebrows can be determined with the aid of a brow pencil. Where your nostril starts should be the beginning of your brow. To help you locate the starting point, hold the pencil vertically against the bridge of your nose and on top of your nostril (essentially, you want the inside edges of your brows to match the outer bridge of your nose). Your natural arch lines should be located by placing the pencil on the tip of your nose and angling it straight across your pupil. Simply hold the pencil at an angle against the tip of your nose and eye to locate the end of your brow. Your eyebrows are the ideal length if the tip of the tail touches the end of the pencil. Take some of those hairs out with tweezers if your brow is too long.

Tweeze with good lighting 

Really, really good lighting is the one thing you must make sure you have before tweezing your eyebrows. The worst thing you can do is attempt to pluck your eyebrows in a poorly lit bathroom, where you are essentially inviting a major beauty to fail. Make use of natural light if you can. Bring a handheld mirror to the room with the best lighting so you can see every last hair you need to pull out.

Tweeze in the direction of your hair growth 

You didn’t remove the entire hair follicle if there is a tiny black hole where you just tweezed. Tweeze in the direction of your hair growth to quickly grab the entire strand and avoid this happening again. 

Don’t use a magnifying mirror 

Even though it might initially seem like a smart idea, plucking your eyebrows while using a magnifying mirror is one of the worst things you can do. Everyone avoids playing that game because the mirror can be deceiving and lead you to believe that you have more hair follicles than you actually do. This can cause you to overpluck your hair unintentionally. Use a regular mirror and take a step back after each few plucks to reevaluate your brow strategy to avoid this.

Trim your eyebrows 

To maintain a neat appearance, trim the front portion of your brows. Prefer to use a nose trimmer over tiny scissors because it does the job better and looks cuter, plus the round edges will keep you from slicing yourself and giving your brows a Game of Thrones Red Wedding appearance. After brushing your eyebrows straight up, begin by carefully trimming the extra, uneven hairs on the front of your eyebrows. Then, move the hairs on the ends of your brows in the direction of the inside of the brow. Scissor-crazy behavior is never recommended; trust me, it is not worthwhile. You can also use eyebrow gel after trimming your brows. This will help you get a refined shape.

Fill in the spaces 

Now is the time to fill in those empty spaces. According to celebrity makeup artist Grace Lee, “first, use a fine brow pencil, like the Maybelline New York Brow Ultra Slim Defining Pencil, to create small, sparse, and hair-like strokes.” For larger gaps, we suggest using a product with a forked tip to simulate a more authentic, micro-bladed look. Then, expand until you reach the desired fullness. You can always use a spoolie to blend if you feel like you have gone too far.

Highlight the brow bone 

It’s never a bad idea to add some dimension to your brows. Right below the arch, swipe a highlighter and follow it all the way to the tail. Your brows will stand out and become more illuminated as a result. Highlighting the brow bone defines the shape of your brows and makes them look groomed. Moreover, your makeup looks more amazing when you highlight your brow bone. It makes it look chic and clean.

Why is it important to shape your eyebrows?

The ability to express emotions through your brows, add flair to your appearance, and even change the shape of your face makes them the most significant facial feature. The majority of people only need to have their eyebrows groomed once per month or once per week, with the exception of a select few fortunate people. The maintenance of a pleasing appearance necessitates routine trimming, shaping, and filling of the eyebrows because they have developed into a significant aspect of enhancing one’s beauty over time. The following ways that properly groomed eyebrows can enhance one’s appearance:

  • It makes you look younger 
  • Make your Eyes Pop
  • Refine Your Appearance and Eliminate Flaws

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