About Us

Welcome to Indulgeo Essentials, a profound endeavor using the wisdom of nature to deliver custom made concoctions suitable for a plethora of skin & hair types and concerns. Our brand name is originated from Latin- Indulgeo means “to gratify oneself & indulge in”. We bring to you truly natural essential oil blends that people of all age groups can indulge in, providing radiant skin and real results minus the harmful toxins.

Experience the power of nature’s purest solutions with exceptional purity with us and feel the extraordinary results. Our products exuberate all of the performance but none of the toxins and effectively work with your skin and not against it to provide visible, proven, beautiful results for every complexion. These custom made blends optimize your skin’s ability to strengthen and repair itself and work in total synergy with the body. We also have highly effective treatments to some of the hair’s gravest problems like hair fall and Alopecia using our oasis of organics.

our Belief

An epitome of luxury organic skin care, “luxury” to us means an unwavering dedication to using the highest quality ingredients collected from all over India and painstakingly experimenting with products until the perfect blend is created. We take skincare one step further by combining the most natural ingredients with techniques used and trusted for many years now. We also believe words like “natural” and “organic” have an honest meaning beyond marketing. Everything that we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we thus source the finest raw natural ingredients the earth has to offer in the most ethical manner. Our ingredients are selected based on their functionality, effectiveness and safety and are used in viable percentages. We believe in vigour and performance as opposed to label claims.

OUR story

Indulgeo Essentials was founded by Supriya Malik under the able guidance of her mother Seema Arora in 2016. The goal was to provide effective solutions for concerns like alopecia, acne, hairfall, pigmentation, etc. with the purest and natural ingredients. We firmly believe that what you cannot eat, should not go on your skin. It is imperative to know that 60% of whatever you put on to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream & may lead to health or hormonal problems. Nature has all the cures & remedies for all your skincare concerns, and we yearn to bring the best & finest nature’s remedies to your doorstep. Every homegrown brand has a story behind it and in the words of Supriya Malik herself, “after suffering from alopecia for a long time, our extremely famous hair concoction – Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer was formulated by my mother Seema Arora herself for her own treatment which gave her results like no other allopathic medication could give. She has done several studies, online and offline courses for essential oils and Ayurvedic formulation. She has been creating different concoctions since past eighteen years now and her guidance and knowledge of formulation have helped me run Indulgeo Essentials & drive it to new heights.” Supriya Malik has learnt and specialized in complex formulations and manufacturing techniques to provide an edge to the age old concoctions and making these skincare & haircare miracles available to the masses. Their vast knowledge has been used to formulate unique oil blends and natural skin care products for the most difficult skin issues. All our concoctions are handmade with no chemicals or complex machinery involved. Our special ingredient is love & we put lots of it to provide you with products that pamper your skin & hair with its magic. You will agree that mothers' handmade home cooked food is healthier and safer to eat than outside restaurant-made food as the former is more hygienic and all precautions are kept in mind, likewise we believe the same goes when a home grown brand curates a product, they take care of all cleanliness and hygiene standards to provide the best because they have their own story and passion behind creation of these products. Our belief is that nature has a cure for everything but it’s up to us how we take it and accept it. Nature does take its own time to heal- all it takes is commitment & determination to achieve results. It’s our own conscious decision to put chemicals & toxins on our skin or let nature do it’s magic.

Our clients, Our strength

We are pleased to have thousands of satisfied customers from India, US, UK, Singapore, Middle East, and many more countries & nationalities across the globe donning the #indulgeoglow. We have also been thoroughly recognized and loved by highly acclaimed makeup artists, celebrities and magazines both nationally and internationally.