Skincare Essentials For Holi

Skincare Essentials For Holi

Date: March 2, 2020 | indulgeo

With the onset of spring and the farewell of winters comes the Indian festival that we all wait for dearly- Holi. The most colorful and cheerful festivals of the year comes with an array of knock-backs too, all the inorganic color combined with the harmful rays of the sun and intermittent splashes of water can really damage, dehydrate and dry out your skin and hair. Therefore, it is imperative to protect yourself from the harsh agents that can provide major harm to your skin and hair.

Follow these tips and tricks to ensure this year’s Holi only brings in joy and no pesky chemicals!

Lather on your battle shield

Before heading out, ensure that you put on a good layer of oil on your skin and hair that will help create a shield that will not only protect the harmful particles entering your body, but also make it easier for you to rinse the color out later. Do take this step as an important one! If the colors are left sticking to your body, they may cause infections and diseases. Try cold pressed organic Neem Oil and Argan Oil to protect your tresses and Grapeseed Oil for the skin.

Protect yourself in the best possible manner

We know that it is beyond exciting to finally see the glee of the sun after the wrath of winter, but with that also come the harsh UV rays that damage your skin. Do not step out without UV ray protection. Stick with natural UVA/UVB ray protection provided by the Indulgeo Essentials Wonder Gold Oil, this facial oil will protect your skin from the notorious sun and colors, while making your skin glow! It is also advisable to wear fully covered clothes to avoid direct contact with colors.

Don’t forget your pout and nails!

We have all been through the post Holi dilemma of color stuck in our nails that won’t come off? The perfect solution is covering your nails in cold pressed organic oils like Jojoba or Argan oil. They will shield your nails and help clear the color up easily. We usually neglect our pout, but lip care is utmost essential especially during Holi, apply a layer of a lip oil like Pout It that will protect your pout from both UV rays and the accumulation of color.

Scrub off the pesky chemicals post Holi!

Deep cleansing and scrubbing off the colors post celebrations is essential so that bacteria and diseases do not accumulate on your skin or scalp. Use a clay face pack for your face that will deep cleanse all dirt and color from the pores. The Indulgeo Essentials Poreless Face Pack effectively does the job. For your body, make the DIY scrub that works wonders always – sugar, honey and cold pressed Argan Oil. We would also recommend spraying a toning mist with astringent benefits of Witch Hazel throughout the day and wiping it off with a cotton ball to further remove and impurities or color that may have been left.

Don’t forget to disinfect

An unimaginable amount of external agents and harmful infectious agents tend to contaminate your skin and hair post Holi. To avoid this, mix cold pressed Neem Oil in your shampoo. Neem Oil is an effective disinfectant and will keep your scalp clean and hygienic. Don’t forget to spritz the mist throughout the day to keep your skin refreshed, toned and bacteria free.

Do keep these tips in mind to have a safe, happy and enjoyable Holi. Go the organic way this festival season to keep your skin and hair healthy and experience the magic of organicity!

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