Sustainable packaging is ‘need of the hour’

Date: July 17, 2022 | indulgeo

“Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development – and turn it into a reality for all the world’s people”- Kofi Annan

Our environment is all we have. There is no plan B other than taking care of the earth we are living on and sustainability is very crucial to preserve all our natural resources that we are graced with. Sustainability is much more than the latest catch phrase.Environmental protection must, of course, be a top priority in order to support and create a sustainable ecosystem. We need to make decisions today that are sustainable for years to come. Decisions that only provide quick near-term benefits, shall be avoided. Sustainability can be achieved in millions of ways. Addressing and creating awareness about them is very crucial. Many cosmetic and skincare brands are enforcing these ways in their branding strategy and one of which is sustainable packaging. Let us know more about it from the viewpoint of one of the most emerging organic skincare brands, Indulgeo Essentials.

Benefits of sustainable packaging

Just as packaging’s primary purpose is protecting items inside and more, it should also protect the environment. The impact of plastic packaging on our world is hazardous. “We, as a brand, believe that switching just to paper packaging is not enough. It very much depends on where the paper is sourced from. We use highly sustainable paper which is produced from the forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)”, says Supriya Malik, the founder of Indulgeo Essentials. 

Does it affect the products?

“Efficacy of some products is affected if they are packed in either plastic or glass bottles. Some ingredients in our products are reactive towards plastic”, says Supriya. According to her, since glass is one of the least reactive materials, glass containers are the safest packaging option when it comes to skincare products. “There are numerous kinds of plastic available in the market but the essential oils are highly reactive towards most of them”,adds Supriya.

Why opt for it?

When companies pack their products in environmentally friendly packaging, they’re making a bid for the environment. By purchasing products that are packaged responsibly they are making an ecological difference. Indulgeo Essentials as a brand, has gone up and above and chooses glass bottles over any other material for their packaging. They have changed their outer packaging with tin boxes which are totally recyclable and reduce the overall carbon footprint. This is something which hasn’t been opted by any other brand, all over India. According to them, the packaging should be created, transported, and recycled using renewable energy. Only the cleanest production technologies and eco-friendly practices should be used during the creation of these items. Sustainable packaging must be effectively recovered or reused in closed loops. 

How did Indulgeo Essentials come up with it?

“As a brand, we are always very conscious of our packaging. The first ever product that we launched, had a glass packaging. As time passed, we researched for more packaging ideas and every time we ended up with a more sustainable option than earlier” affirms the founder. She also adds that she and her team never stepped back whenever it came to taking a step towards sustainability. “Indulgeo Essentials, is known for its organic products.All our ingredients are extracted from nature and are cruelty-free. So why not give it back to the environment which provides us with so much, in the best way we can”, says Supriya.

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