How can you prep your skin before applying makeup?

How can you prep your skin before applying makeup?

The most important step while applying makeup is to prep your skin before application. If your skin is smooth and better looking before the application of makeup, the more radiant the makeup will look on your skin. Picture your skin as a canvas you’re going to paint on. The art will look better on a clean, dirt-free canvas as opposed to an oily, dusty canvas. Furthermore, preparing your skin before makeup ensures the makeup you apply after will be spread evenly and stays put.

The first step is to cleanse your skin. Use a face wash that suits your face to gently clean the skin so it remains fresh when you’re applying makeup. While doing this, make sure you’re massaging your face with the cleanser to encourage blood circulation.

The next important step is to rid your skin of any dead cells that may cause your makeup to look clumped or uneven. Exfoliation of the skin helps rid your face of these dead cells to give you a glowing look. Exfoliation must be done twice a week with gentle scrubs or cleansers for the best results. Alcohol-free toners are recommended as alcohol is a dehydrator. Use a soft cotton ball or pad to apply the toner. If you’re worried that your skin is already too dry to use a toner, you can also use a serum that best suits your face to clean your skin. Use organic and natural toning mists from Indulgeo Essentials to prep your skin and to enhance your complexion.

Your skin needs to stay hydrated before applying makeup. Use a light moisturizer for this purpose. Choose a moisturizer that best works for your skin. If you’re worried to moisturize your oily skin, opt for an oil-free moisturizer. First press the moisturizer into your skin before rubbing it in so it sits evenly on your skin and hydrates it. Remember to prepare your lips too in a similar manner by exfoliation and moisturization.

You can also spray a mist of rosewater onto your skin to obtain glowing skin. Priming is the next important pre-makeup routine. The primer helps prepare your face for your makeup. You can either apply the primer evenly or dab it into the ‘troubled’ spots on your face before dabbing it into the area with a brush or your fingertips.

While it’s advisable to do all of this before applying makeup, setting up a good daily routine to take care of your skin will do wonders in the long run. Visit our site to explore the product selection and choose what suits your skin the best.

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