Ayurveda X Science

At Indulgeo Essentials, we unite ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with state-of-the-art scientific techniques. Our belief in this fusion guides us to meticulously blend time-honored botanicals and Ayurvedic herbs with cutting-edge scientific ingredients. Each formula reflects our commitment to harnessing the power of nature and science, ensuring effective, transformative skincare solutions. We strive to offer you the best of both worlds, delivering balanced and radiant skin through our harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Our Belief

We epitomize luxurious organic skincare through an unwavering commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients from across the globe. Our meticulous product development involves extensive experimentation until we achieve the perfect blend. Going beyond traditional skincare, we merge trusted techniques with top-notch ingredients. We hold integrity in high regard; for us, terms like "natural" and "organic" go beyond mere marketing. Recognizing that what touches our skin is absorbed into our bodies, we ethically source premium raw materials. Our ingredient selection prioritizes functionality, effectiveness, and safety, ensuring viable percentages for optimal performance rather than relying solely on label claims.


Indulgeo Essentials, a brand born in 2016 right at home, was founded by Supriya Malik under the guidance of her mother, Seema Arora. Their mission was clear: to provide effective solutions for common skin concerns like hair loss, acne, and pigmentation using only pure and wholesome ingredients.

Central to their philosophy is the belief that if something isn't good enough to eat, it shouldn't be applied to your skin. They emphasize that a significant portion (around 60%) of what you apply to your skin can actually enter your bloodstream, potentially causing health issues. Instead, their focus is on harnessing the healing power of ingredients to enrich your skincare routine.

The journey of Indulgeo Essentials is incredibly inspiring. The Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer, a renowned product, was developed by Supriya's mother, Seema Arora, who triumphed over alopecia. This formulation, rooted in personal experience and years of studying essential oils and Ayurvedic practices, outshone traditional treatments. Supriya herself mastered intricate formulations and advanced techniques, making these natural remedies accessible to a wider audience.

A significant chapter in their narrative was the launch of the Activs range – a significant leap forward for Indulgeo Essentials. This range incorporates cutting-edge ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Coenzyme Q10, Salicylic acid, Peptides and Ceramides. These innovative products provide effective solutions to a variety of skin concerns.

The heartwarming tale of Indulgeo Essentials revolves around a family's commitment, the wisdom of nature, and a dedication to crafting skincare that's both effective and gentle. It's about prioritizing potent ingredients over harmful chemicals. This story serves as a prime example of how local brands can create a substantial impact by prioritizing the well-being of both individuals and the environment.

Our Clients, Our Strength

We are pleased to have thousands of satisfied customers from India, US, UK, Singapore, Middle East, and many more countries & nationalities across the globe donning the #indulgeoglow. We have also been thoroughly recognized and loved by highly acclaimed makeup artists, celebrities and magazines both nationally and internationally.