How to beat seasonal blues with the best skincare routine

How to beat seasonal blues with the best skincare routine

It’s that time of the year when we experience weather and seasonal changes that not only have an effect on our health but also on our skin. You might be experiencing dry skin, or break outs and its all happening at once leaving you baffled. Well, all these issues are a part of everyday life but there are steps that you can take to control them during the present changing weather.

Here we have outlined some tips and tricks that you can use to keep your skin under check and be healthy with shine!


Moisturizing your skin is the most important task in your skincare routine. While you may experience drying out of skin in the changing season, finding the right moisturizing agent can work for you effectively in any season. We see changing season bringing in dry air with it, we need a hydrating solution that can fix this perennial dryness in skin. Indulgeo Essentials’ Aqua Gold premium moisturizing gel works wonders in all seasons. It is recommended to be applied after you clean your face properly.

Dealing with Break Out

Breakouts are something that can happen in any season, but they happen more when your skin is dry. However, they aren’t such big trouble makers if you take effective measures in place to control them. It is important to have a night care routine, where you don’t miss a chance to remove all your makeup with micellar water and then apply some hydrating night oil. You can check out a wide range of cold-pressed oils and facial oils from the Indulgeo Essentials website. They will help you keep your skin healthy, glowing and acne-free.

Water Therapy

Every skincare expert or dermatologist suggests drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and clear. Like the rest of the body, your skin too needs fluids that help in unclogging the pores and maintaining elasticity. It is easy if you have the will, carry your own bottles around all day, to classes or work or anywhere else you go. Maintaining your skin will get easier and you’ll see effective results too.

Don’t forget SPF

People forget that we need to protect our skin from the sun all year long. While in the winter season you can use moisturizing creams with less SPF and UVA protection, but as we move towards summers make sure you increase your SPF to a good 50+. Using sunscreen daily before applying your makeup is essential to keep your skin protected.


When the weather changes from winter to summers, your skin gets drier. So you need to exfoliate daily to remove the dead skin cells in order to promote new cells to generate. It is important to know what all ingredients go in your exfoliator. Many exfoliators contain strong ingredients like apricot pits and walnut shells that cause micro-tears in your skin and become a cause for breakouts. You can try Indulgeo Essentials’s Poreless Pore Minimizing Face Pack that can help you in getting a clear complexion with its smooth and gentle exfoliating action.

Use Toners

Toners help your skin to balance out all the chemicals that we put on every day. It aids in brightening your skin tone and a supple glow. As the weather gets harsh, you can wear less makeup and show up your natural skin. A good toner like The Indulgeo Essential’s Rose Geranium or Camomile Roman witch hazel helps to minimize pores and stop cellular damage.

Use antioxidant-rich creams at night

Cleaning and moisturizing your skin before going to the bed should be a top priority always. Try out rich night moisturizing repair creams with organic ingredients. Moisturizing facial oils like Indulgeo Essentials’ Splendid Night Oil can help in healing your skin and making it look young and clear.

We hope these skin care tips and tricks will help you form a great routine to protect your skin from all the harsh conditions. Be consistent with your routine and always use organic products that have the right ingredients to enhance your skin health and look from within. Indulgeo essentials has a wide range of products that can that protect your skin and hair in all seasons;

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