Summer split ends: protecting your hair in the harsh, hot weather

Summer split ends: protecting your hair in the harsh, hot weather

Summers in India are quite harsh and the strong sun has harmful effects on skin and hair. Mostly, we care about skin protection and make sure that we are using the right means – both homemade solutions and good sunscreen products to protect our skin. However, not many know that harsh sun is not good for hair as well. Hair also needs special care during the summer season. With summer season here, how can we protect our hair from dandruff and split ends? Indulgeo is here to help with that!

UV rays have the ability to penetrate the protective hair cuticle to cause dryness. It also causes pigmentation and protein damage, which takes away the sheen and shine from the hair. It ends up making them look lifeless. Indulgeo’s Hair Vitalizer is a potent mix of exotic herbs and essential oils that are clinically proven and highly effective in improving volume, texture and overall health of the hair.

The sweat and dust in summer increases hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizz, and (for some) increased hair fall. Summers can be harsh on the scalp, and cause dryness and sunburn. Because of the dryness in hair, we tend to use lots of hair products and end up over treating the hair, which causes further damage. Even over-conditioning is not good for hair.

If you know your hair and scalp type, and are sure about the effectiveness of home remedies, you can try them to address some of the hair problems. However, home remedies by themselves are not sufficient. With increased pollution, over exposure of hair to sun and UV rays, and increased stress level, we need products which are specifically made to address weather challenges.

There are two things to consider while taking measures for hair care. Scalp type and hair type. Depending upon whether the scalp is oily or dry, is infected with dandruff, and sometimes even itchy, you can choose a specific kind of hair product. Sometimes, there are some infections or medical conditions which impact the scalp. Similarly, based on hair type which could be straight or wavy, dry or oily, curly or chemically treated – you can choose the right hair care regime. Indulgeo’s Argan oil helps healing, restoring and transforming dull, lifeless hair while aiding in growth and treating oily scalp.

Below are some general tips for summer haircare, which should help you address the larger issues.

  1. Go slow on blow drying/ironing. Avoid heating treatment, as heat already makes the hair dry. Natural hair styles are good for summer.
  2. Shampooing and drying – Because of the sweat and heat, you tend to shampoo your hair much more compared to in winters. This tends to scrape the oil in the scalp and make it dry. Try and use mild clarifying shampoos, or organic shampoos to prevent oil loss. Make sure you wash your hair after swimming. The chlorine in the water is not good for hair, and needs to be washed off.  Also, do not be harsh with your hair when drying it with a towel. When done harshly and in a hurry, it causes friction, which results in breakages and split ends. Pat dry your hair, and scrunch it up in an absorbent towel or cotton cloth.. Also, be gentle when combing. Combing also causes friction, resulting in brittle hair.
  3. Applying good conditioner is essential after shampooing. Choose a conditioner which suits your hair type – but make sure to follow the instructions and not over-do it. It could also be a good idea to apply products like leave in conditioner before going for swimming.
  4. Don’t fall for every Cosmetic: There are various ads and well packaged products available in the market. Not all of them are good. As mentioned earlier, try using organic, natural products and also homemade solutions. The neem oil from Indulgeo Essentials works like magic on your hair to cure dandruff and other hair issues.
  5. Good sun protection products are essential if you are outdoors. You may also try to use a scarf to protect your hair, especially if it’s colored.
  6. You might not feel the need for a haircut too often, but trimming is important. Do timely trimming and keep your hair free from split ends. Hair looks healthy and good when trimmed on regular intervals.

The list continues and you just might find your combination of good hair care during summers. Remember to keep yourself and your hair hydrated during summers. Drink lots of water and healthy fluids to brace against the summer heat apart from using organic solutions to pamper your tresses.

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