Top ten beauty tips for the would-be brides

Top ten beauty tips for the would-be brides

The wedding season is just around the corner! Every bride dreams of glowing skin for the walk down the aisle, but how do you achieve this? We have the greatest tips and scoop for you to transform your skin and get all your beauty basics right and lead you to the path of a great beauty regime. Read on to find out how to get that perfect bridal glow that stays with you.

#1 Body Massages

A good body massage relaxes you to the core and aids in blood circulation which helps you get that shine in your skin. Regular massages with pure cold pressed oils can treat a variety of health concerns and nourish your skin from within. Make sure you use 100% natural and chemical free cold pressed oils like rosehip oil (best for discoloration), argan oil (best for nourishing dry skin) and grapeseed oil (best for oily skin.

#2 Regular Facials

Regular facials can help you get rid of tanning, pigmentation and dead skin and achieve a healthy shine on your face. With intense moisturization and deep cleansing, facials massages with the Aqua Gold Gel especially gives you a brightened skin and minimizes signs of aging. For an instant boost of hydration and glow, put on a thick layer of Aqua Gold gel on your face and leave it for 10-15 mins. Then take a few drops of Squalane on your fingertips and gently massage the mask to remove it. All the impurities on your face will come off with the mask, leaving your skin feeling cleansed & hydrated.

#3 Luscious Locks

While you are treating your skin to some delicious dose of essential oils, make sure you don’t forget your gorgeous mane that deserves equal attention! Lock in nourishment and promote hair growth with argan oil. This oil is light and doesn’t weigh on your hair, but gives a healthy shine to dull and lifeless hair and helps in hair growth too. An everyday essential for every bride to be is the Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer. A corsage of vital essential oils for your hair, this one bottle solution will take care of all your hair needs!

#4 Sound Sleep

Dark circles and puffy eyes are every bride’s worst nightmare! Make sure you are getting a good sleep of at least 8-9 hours which gives you plenty of rest and refreshes you for the next day. Relax and rejuvenate yourself with our Rejuvenating Eye Serum. Not only for the day before your big day, make this a staple in your nightmare regime for no dark circles with added benefits for naturally beautiful and fluttery eyelashes!

#5 Deep Cleanse

A good skincare routine starts with deep cleansing. With all the pollution and dust, skin tends to appear dull, dark and lifeless. Double cleanse with a non clogging oil like Jojoba followed by a gel based face wash and finish up with a toning mist, moisturizing is the key to keep your sebum balanced so don’t forget to moisturize with good quality moisture gel that nourishes your skin and hydrates it well. A quick cleanse with our toning mists throughout the day will not only disinfect and cleanse your skin but also hydrate it – just spritz your favorite toning mist on your face and wipe off using a cotton pad. Follow it up with our ultra lightweight Aqua Gold Gel!

#6 Eat Healthy and Exercise

What you eat reflects on your skin. Along with a great skincare routine, you need to eat healthy and nutritious food that gives you an inner glow. Drink plenty of water and exercise at least four times in a week to balance your weight. Remember, crash diets don’t work, cutting down on junk does!

#7 Pretty Pout

While you are taking care of your skin, your lips tend to suffer in ignorance! Particularly in winter months when they are deprived of moisture and appear dry and chapped. Pout It! can help you make your pout extra pretty and deliciously healthy. Cinnamon oil and coffee works well to increase blood circulation and give a protective coverage to your lips, it also has deeply nourishing ingredients like beeswax that will leave your lips heavily moisturized and naturally plump.

#8 Night Routine

It’s always better to stick to basic skincare routines so you get ample care with minimum fuss. Especially when we talk about night routine, try to stick to the routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing to get a glowing, refreshed skin in the morning. Invest in a good night serum and night oil to follow a religious night routine. If you have dull and pigmented skin, make sure to try our Splendid Night Oil and if you have oily acne prone skin, Volcanic Night Oil is your ultimate savior!

#9 Specific Skincare

All moisturizers and oils are not created equals. Look for the one that caters to your skin specifically, especially if you have sensitive skin. For sensitive, as the name proclaims, Wonder Gold Oil does wonders! Some skin types need more moisture than others so depending upon on your skin choose a calming foaming cleanser and organic essential oil blend suited for specific skin types to do the trick. Message us for consultation as per your skin types and concerns!

#10 Meditate

Calm down jittery nerves, stress and anticipation as these can become the underlying cause of acne and dullness. Meditate or practice yoga to destress and soothe your mind, body and soul. Whether it includes a massage or simply focusing on serene music, do your bit for managing any form of stress.

Well we hope we have solved quite a few skincare worries for you! While wedding is certainly the most important occasion of your life, developing great skincare habits will help you lifelong to maintain a radiant and clean skin. Invest all your efforts to get a healthy glow on your skin that makes you shine from within.

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