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Growth Activator

Growth Activator

  • Stimulates follicles
  • Treats Alopecia
  • Promotes circulation

Promotes Hair Regrowth

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  • What Makes Unique?
  • Verified Results
  • Steps To Use
  • Key Ingredients
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steps to use

  • Massage the scalp with your fingertips.

  • It's a one drop treatment, so only use one drop per affected area.

  • This treatment must be applied every single day.

  • SPF
  • SUITABLE FORAll Hair Types
  • TARGETSAlopecia | Bald Spots

What makes this unique?

Our one-drop treatment is a powerful solution that specifically targets Alopecia and bald spots. Packed with potent ingredients, it revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates regrowth in areas of hair loss. With its precision application, it's a focused remedy for restoring hair and confidence.

This product is enriched with the benefits of Frankincense oil, known for its soothing properties, Geranium oil, which promotes hair health, and Lavender oil, which supports a calming and balanced scalp. These essential oils together create a nourishing and therapeutic experience for your hair and scalp.

Revitalize with our potent formula, designed to energize hair follicles and boost circulation for healthier growth. This dynamic blend invigorates the scalp, creating an optimal environment for strong and vibrant hair. Elevate your hair care routine and experience the revitalizing power that fuels luscious, resilient strands.

A non-greasy, water-based scalp serum for hair fall is a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that effectively combats hair loss. It nourishes the scalp without leaving a sticky residue, making it comfortable for daily use. This serum provides essential nutrients to strengthen hair follicles and reduce shedding, promoting healthier, thicker hair.

The water-based scalp serum with essential oil-balancing properties helps regulate the scalp's natural oil production. By maintaining a balanced oil level, it prevents excessive greasiness, which can contribute to hair fall, while also preventing dryness. This balance supports a healthier scalp environment, promoting hair retention and vitality.

Real People, Verified Results


Users saw HAIR GROWTH within 3 weeks of use


Users saw REDUCED ALOPECIA within 2 weeks of use


Users witnessed STRONG HAIR ROOTS within 4 weeks of use

*Based on a consumer perception study of 48+ people, ages 18-31.

more information

Frontal balding, otherwise known as a receding hairline or widow's peak, is one of the most common patterns of hair loss. This pattern of hair loss will mostly affect men, but in some cases women can also be affected. This type of frontal hair loss will usually be attributed to a condition called Male Pattern Hair Loss, We at gain Again by Indulgeo Essentials have created the perfect blends to treat pattern baldness and Alopecia.
The main ways they help is by stimulating the hair follicles(roots) and promoting healthy circulation. They also provide important oil balancing qualities along with a nice dose of nutritional support for the scalp and follicles.
We recommend using all three products for best results. Results vary from person to person. It is recommended to use this treatment for a minimum of six months to see the desired results.

Natural products can cause allergic reactions in some people, test patch on inner elbow and leave for thirty minutes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes.

Step 1 – On a clean area on your inner elbow, apply a small quantity of the product. Do not let the area get in contact with any other product or water.
Step 2 – Leave the product on for 30 minutes or upto 24 hours if you have extremely sensitive skin or are prone to reactions.
Step 3 – If you feel any kind of irritation, redness, itching, or burning, discontinue use.

This concoction was created back in the 2000s when mother of the founder and brains behind the brand, Seema Arora, was facing a lot of hairfall. She had alopecia and had 6 bald patches on her scalp. She consulted a lot of doctors but nothing actually worked which therefore gave her more stress. This is when she started studying the natural treatments for Alopecia and developed her interest in ayurveda. Hair Vitalizer and Growth Activator were one of the first concoctions of Indulgeo Essentials that helped the founder's mother to actually reverse her condition. Our first ever client from the facebook groups that we started before launching the brand was facing a very similar condition and when the products worked for her that is when we decided that this needs to go out and reach the masses. Hair Vitalizer and Growth Activator were launched to reduce hair fall, treat bald patches, stimulate hair growth and improve the scalp's health.

Manufacturer Info: Indulgeo Essentials , f 1/21 dlf phase 1 near arjun marg Gurgaon , Haryana 122002 IN

Importer Address:city: GURGAON, country: IN, postal_code: 122002, street1: F 1/21 DLF PHASE 1


Wa compliance category: DEFAULT

Origin country: IN


Geranium Oil

It helps is reducing wrinkles and the signs of ageing and calming and soothing irritated skin and making it glow. It also reduces the sign of dandruff.

Lavender Oil

It helps in preventing and healing acne breakouts. It unclogs pores and reduces inflammation and hepls in reducing discoloration and dark spots.

Frankincense Oil

It helps to treat dry skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, scars, and stretch marks. It is touted as an effective natural anti-​acne and anti-wrinkle remedy.

Rosemary oil (Rosmarinus officinalis)*, Galbanum oil (Ferula Gummosan)*, Geranium oil (Pelargonium)*, Lavender oil (Lavandula)*, Frankincense oil (Boswellia sacra)***, Cypress oil (Cupressus)*, Ceylon Cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum verum)*, Juniper oil (Juniperus)***
*Certified organic
**Certified organic and food-grade
***100% Natural ingredient

Growth Activator