Does onion and pepper help in hair growth?

Does onion and pepper help in hair growth?

For ages, we have used Onion and Black pepper in our kitchens to enhance the flavor of our dishes. But were you aware that these two simple ingredients are a boon for your tresses too? Not only will they make your locks supremely luscious and shiny but strengthen them from roots to tips to promote healthy hair growth. Let’s find out why.

Benefits of Onion for Hair

Our hair consists of a special protein called Keratin which provides them strength and shine. But with age, the amount of this protein reduces significantly and our hair becomes weak and prone to breakage. One of the main components of Keratin is sulphur which provides elasticity to the hair and transports the essential nutrients from the blood to the scalp. Onions are immensely rich in Sulphur and when you use them for your hair, blood circulation is stimulated which restores the scalp of its nutrients and brings back the lost strength and luster of the hair. Onions are also very high in Quercetin which is an exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. This unique plant nutrient works as a protecting agent and shields our hair from the harmful radicals and pollutants present in the environment, preventing premature greying. The miraculous blend of these two ingredients with other nutrients in onions like manganese, phosphorus, and Vitamin C nourishes the scalp and helps in the regeneration of new hair follicles leading to a thicker and stronger mane.

Benefits of Black Pepper for Hair

If you think that Black pepper is just a seasoning, then you need to think again. This nutrient-dense ingredient can make your hair long, thick, and lustrous with its rich content of Vitamin A and C, antioxidants, and carotenoids. Black Pepper is known for its spectacular growth stimulating and dandruff fighting abilities. It will thoroughly detox your scalp by removing the dust, grime, and dirt from deep within the hair follicles. Moreover, this fantastic ingredient strengthens your hair on a cellular level by enhancing the metabolism of your scalp. Amazing, isn’t it?

How to use them for our hair?

Gone are the days when you need to spend hours to extract the juices from onions and black pepper seeds. It’s just too inconvenient and time taking! What if we say that you can get all the amazing benefits mentioned above without any hassle in a single product? The house of Indulgeo Essentials brings to you Onion and Pepper Hair Oil to provide your locks the nourishment and care they deserve. This revolutionary oil is a blend of the purest and finest of oils like Rosemary oil, Black Pepper Seed Oil, Onion extract, and other 100% natural oils. The perfect balance of these extraordinary elements will stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss by keeping your scalp bacteria-free!Try it now and chase your hair woes away!

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