Powder or liquid? Take your pick for an effective cleansing routine

Powder or liquid? Take your pick for an effective cleansing routine

New age of face cleansers are here & they have decided to stay!!

Are powdered products the future of the beauty industry? The right answer to this is probably, yes!

Powdered products are free from pesky unnatural fragrances, thickeners, unsafe aerosols, and emulsifiers.

Not only do powdered products help maintain the effectiveness of your products, but “these powders can contain higher concentrations of active ingredients,” says cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson. The moment you open your serum or lotion bottles, the light, heat, and oxygen present in the atmosphere embark on to percolate in and deteriorate the active ingredients present in the product. To hold responsible here is the presence of water in liquid formulas which simplify this disintegration when mixed with oxygen. On the other hand, since powdered products are moistureless they can stand strong and solid against air degradation. This to be precise is very imperative for unstable ingredients like Vitamin C, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. Powdered products along with the absence of water also provide added advantages such as absenteeism of components that usually irritate the skin. The finest outcome of all this would be an environment-friendly product with more of a convincing formula and unsubstantial wastefulness.

Let’s get onto the insights of powder-based concoctions along with their perks to recognize them better:

  1. Powdered products are more concentrated:

Given the lack of liquid and gel ingredients, powder cleansers usually contain a reduced amount of preservatives. These products are formed with water-soluble constituents that activate as and when you use them. This facilitates them to eliminate preservatives and other filler ingredients such as stabilizers and emulsifiers. No water here also equals a lesser chance for bacteria and mold to grow.

  1. It is becoming a part of lifestyle change:

Not only are powdered products becoming a part of lifestyle change but also are a part of cosmopolitan endeavor to live more purposefully. Even before the trend of powdered beauty began these have been known to be very favorable when considering curly hair in order to create more volume.

3.They are gentle exfoliators:

The powder incorporated in the cleansers are customarily fine, smooth particles with natural exfoliators (plant-based) such as rice or oat powder. They are often also known as rice-bran-based powders which not only favor gentle exfoliation but also when mixed with other ingredients can be skin-soothing and pacifying. 

4.It is more substantial and customizable:

It is very convenient to personalize powdered-based products in terms of mixing them with water, necessary oils, or cleansers but it entirely depends on the quantity mixed to activate the formula. The power is in your hands to choose the intensity and formulation of the product, based on what your skin feels and needs. 

5.They are TSA friendly:

Well, who doesn’t like TSA-friendly products? Powdered products are absolutely more travel friendly as they can be easily packed in your carry -ons without requiring any other big-sized travel bags along plus no additional expenditure to check in your bags! They also have an added advantage of fearless travel as they cannot explode which can easily occur in the case of liquid concoctions.

Powder vs Liquid Foundations:

The debate on Powder vs Liquid Foundations is an ever-lasting one but if we were to state non-deniable facts it all depends on your skin type. As already discussed, choosing a powder-based product is an extremely overwhelming choice if you tend to be partial towards natural products. Obviously there are no hard and fast rules as to what you should choose but powder-based concoctions are not only trendy but also have lots and lots of added advantages to them!

To wrap up, it is concluded that powder-based concoctions are a win-win all around. They are made up of anti-aging superfoods, are rice-derived, and beat all the environment-friendly checkpoints. Another advantage to these products is that these are user friendly and easier to apply along with makeup and of course without too much blending and can also be incorporated easily in your daily skincare routine leaving your skin looking radiant, incandescent, smooth, and supple!

Ready to embark on your journey with Powdered Cleansers? Choose UFF!, AHH!, or OUCH! Today. These advanced, specially formulated nature powered products are a low-irritant that cleanses and resurfaces the skin, without stripping off the natural oils making you glow from within. Easy to use and packed with unlimited benefits for your skin, these cleansers are a must have in your skincare routine. 

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