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UFF Detox Dry Facial Cleanser

UFF Detox Dry Facial Cleanser

  • Cleanses
  • Decongests
  • Reduces Blemishes

For Oily Skin


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What makes this unique?

Our Detox Dry Facial Cleanser is specially formulated for oily skin. It gently removes impurities, excess oil, and pollutants, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. With a unique blend of ingredients, it helps balance oil production and unclog pores, promoting a healthier, clearer complexion.

This potent blend combines Green Matcha for antioxidant protection, Hibiscus for brightening, Hemp Extract for its soothing properties, and Rice Bran Extract for nourishment. Together, they create a skincare powerhouse that revitalizes and rejuvenates, promoting a radiant, healthy complexion.

Our product is a gentle yet effective solution for cleansing and detoxifying the skin. It rids the skin of impurities and pollutants while maintaining its natural pH balance. This ensures a thorough cleanse without causing dryness or irritation, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized, and in its optimal state.

This fine, velvety powder undergoes a luxurious transformation upon contact with water. It turns into a silky paste, providing a delightful sensory experience. This paste can be applied to the skin, exfoliating and cleansing, leaving it feeling soft, refreshed, and invigorated.

Our product is designed to target and reduce blemishes, helping you achieve a more even-toned complexion. With its specialized formula, it works to diminish the appearance of imperfections, leaving your skin looking smoother and more radiant, enhancing your natural beauty.

Real People, Verified Results


Users saw REDUCED BLEMISHES within 40 days of use


Users saw RESURFACED SKIN within 30 days of use


Users saw DECONGESTED skin within 30 days of use

*Based on a consumer perception study of 48+ people, ages 18-31.

steps to use

  • Take a small amount of UFF! in your palm and add water to form a creamy paste.

  • On a wet face gently rub the product in circular motions to form a mild creamy lather. Let your skin sink in all the goodness of the ingredients.

  • Rinse the product off and apply of favourite Indulgeo Essentials face oil for glowing and hydrated skin.

Repeat the process at night and enjoy the luxurious experience of UFF! Everyday.
  • SPF
  • TARGETSCongested skin | Excess oil | Aging skin


Green Match

It boasts antibacterial and antibiotic qualities that are beneficial to acne-prone skin. The antioxidant properties stimulate softer and more supple skin by rejuvenating skin cells and improving skin texture.


It reduces inflammation and redness on the skin. It helps to boost collagen thereby preventing wrinkles and fine lines. It deep cleanses and removes the dead skin resulting in a beautiful and healthy skin.

Hemp Extract

It controls sebum production and prevents hormonal breakouts. It soothes inflammation and moisturises the skin. It has anti-ageing properties that prevent premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Rice Bran Extract

It helps to prevent premature wrinkles and treats pigmentation. It makes the skin smooth and plumpier. It helps to keep acne at bay and evens out the skin tone.

Corn Starch (Zea Mays), Rice Bran Extract (Oryza Sativa), Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citrus Grandis), Sweet Orange Peel Powder (Citrus Sinensis), Almond Seed Powder (Prunus Dulcis),Yoghurt Extracts (Lactobacillus bulgaricus), Matcha Powder (Camellia sinensis), Aloe Vera Leaf Powder (Aloe Barbadensis), Neem Leaf Powder (Azadirachta Indica), Dehydrated Hemp Cake Powder (Canabis Sativa), Hibiscus Powder (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), D PANTHENOL-plant derived, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate,Vitamin E Powder (Tocopherol), Lavender Oil (Lavandula)
*Certified organic
**Certified organic and food-grade
***100% Natural ingredient

more information

Exclaim UFF! After cleansing your face with the Indulgeo Essentials UFF! Detox dry facial cleanser. Transform your skin with this immensely silky and fine dry cleanser that is perfect for everyday radiance. This advanced, specially formulated nature powered product is a low-irritant that cleanses and resurfaces the skin, without stripping off the natural oils making you glow from within. Power packed ingredients like Matcha, Hibiscus,Neem and Grapefruit brighten, decongest and purify the skin while providing anti-ageing benefits and reducing blemishes for an even toned skin. This powder dry facial cleanser activates into a micro-fine lather when amalgamated with water and releases enriching nutrients and antioxidants essential for your skin. The power is in your hands to increase or decrease the exfoliation intensity by adding water as per your skin's requirements, making it an exceptionally versatile and effective product that eliminates additional skincare routine steps. Capture the true essence and benefits of all the ingredients as there are no pre-added dilutors or harsh abrasives. Coalesce UFF! in your daily cleansing routine to feel your skin oh-so-soft, smooth, and restored.

Natural products can cause allergic reactions in some people, test patch on inner elbow and leave for thirty minutes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes.

Step 1 – On a clean area on your inner elbow, apply a small quantity of the product. Do not let the area get in contact with any other product or water.
Step 2 – Leave the product on for 30 minutes or upto 24 hours if you have extremely sensitive skin or are prone to reactions.
Step 3 – If you feel any kind of irritation, redness, itching, or burning, discontinue use.

Our clients have always encouraged us to introduce cleansers to complete up their CTM routine. The team at Indulgeo Essentials always aimed to do the very same thing, but they also desired to do something unique in the marketplace. The idea for launching a dry cleanser occurred to us while we were working on our exfoliator OUCH. When OUCH was in the works, one of the ingredients, rice bran extract, was a favourite of the founder. That's when she decided to create dry cleaners with rice bran extract as one of the ingredients. Rice bran extract is a common constituent in all three, UFF, AHH, and OUCH.
UFF is a cleanser that is highly recommended for normal to oily skin. The splendid ingredients present controls and balances sebum production and deep cleanses your skin.

Manufacturer Info: Indulgeo Essentials , f 1/21 dlf phase 1 near arjun marg Gurgaon , Haryana 122002 IN

Importer Address:city: GURGAON, country: IN, postal_code: 122002, street1: F 1/21 DLF PHASE 1


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UFF Detox Dry Facial Cleanser